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Mobile Box Office makes your phone a movie ticket

Remember when you had to actually talk to a person to buy a movie ticket? Boy, was that annoying. Then they started letting you buy tickets from kiosks with your credit cards, and later you could buy them on the Internet. It’s getting more and more convenient, but you still need a PC or a kiosk, and that, frankly, isn’t going to fly. Luckily, Mobile Box Office has heard our frustrated cries and sent us an answer: movie tickets via cell phone. You merely point your Web-enabled phone to mbo.com and purchase your tickets, and then you’ll get a barcode delivered to you that will act as your ticket. You just open up your phone, have the popcorn pusher scan it, and you’re in your seats. Currently the service just works for Emagine Entertainment theatre, of which there are two in Missouri, but you have to assume MBO has bigger plans for the future. Now all it needs to do is make a droid that sells overpriced Sour Patch Kids and our movie-going experience will be perfect. — Adam Frucci

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Big holes in net’s heart revealed

The research prompted the FBI to make its site more secure

Simple attacks could let malicious hackers take over more than one-third of the net’s sites, reveals research.

The finding was uncovered by researchers who analysed how the net’s addressing system works.

They also found that if the simple attacks were combined with so-called denial-of-service attacks, 85% of the net becomes vulnerable to take-over.

The researchers recommended big changes to the net’s addressing system to tackle the vulnerability at its heart.


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Apple wants Blu-ray discs to include iPod content


According to anonymous film industry insiders Apple has been asking studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs.

Though movies on Blu-ray discs are expected to start shipping next month and a large screen iPod is still probably months away, Apple wants to make sure that when their next-generation iPod is released it will have a sufficient library of playable content already available for customers to watch.

And Apple could be in a strong position to make their wish a reality. Already in the Blu-ray camp are Sony, who Apple have been working with closely of late with regard to its HD cameras; and Disney, who have been close partners of Steve Jobs’ Pixar.

No details are available of the resolution of the video content Apple wants included but it is likely they will at first match that of the current high-end iPods. With 50GBs of space available on Blu-ray discs there should be no problem at all including full-length movies for iPods.

With video rental chain Blockbuster expected to stock Blu-ray discs from the summer Apple could dominate the portable video market that hitherto has seen companies such as Microsoft and Archos struggle to achieve significant success.

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