Sony France Boss Comments On PS3 Price

number of French consumer sites are reporting new comments from George
Fornay, president of Sony Computer Entertainment France and vice
president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, regarding the pricing
of the PlayStation 3 in Europe.

The comments were made on French
radio station Europe 1, and indicated that the PlayStation 3 will be
available for “around €500 [$613], in the range of €499 to 599 [$612 to

View: Full Article
News source: Gamasutra

– Here is another pos out there about the possible pricing for the PS3. I just can not belive that Sony would be stupid like that to actually charge $700+ about the PS3. I know that they will say it’s not just a video game system, but rather a entertainment system. I THINK NOT!!! The bulk of the consumer base for the PS3 are parents bying for there kids. And i can assure you that that parent does not have $700 to spend on a video game system, and that is the bottom line. No matter how much sony says other wize, they will see it as a video game system. I am definitally getting a Nintendo Revolution…


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