Mac Mini PVR Setup

This PVR setup features a Mac Mini Core Duo, Westinghouse LVM-42w2 1080p monitor, 300GB HDD in fanless enclosure, Miglia TVMini HD OTA HDTV Turner, and a Peerless ST650P Universal Tilt Wall Mount.

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Time Cube: a clock with an edge… several, in fact


The Time Cube is actually a proper cube only twice a day — at noon and midnight. The rest of the time one of the corners sprouts a series of triangles that rotate, filling the roles of hour, minute, and second hands. It looks kind of difficult to tell time on the thing, though pretty easy to lose yourself in the edgy 3-D shapes that emerge as the seconds tick by. Fifteen bucks gets you cubical timekeeping from

Time cube, via Fosfor Gadgets

Nintendo Wii Release Date: November 6th

We ran into a gaming website claiming that they were able to get some inside information from Nintendo in regards to the Wii release date. According to their sources, as of right now, the Nintendo Wii release date is scheduled for November 6th.

… we pushed our source a bit further to see if they had an idea of a more exact date. Today, we were provided with the following information…

“So, at the moment Nintendo are aiming to launch the Wii on November 6th”

Our source emphasised that this date is correct at present, but pointed out: “Nintendo aren’t going to have an exact date in mind until they are sure they can meet the deadlines”.

Since Sony has already announced the PlayStation 3 release date, and Nintendo did announce a Q4 launch date at this years E3, it makes sense that Nintendo would do everything possible within their power, to get their new console out into the market before Sony launches the PS3.

Please take the November 6th launch information with a grain of salt, as nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo yet.

Anti-terror grants rile 9/11 targets

Anti-terror grants rile 9/11 targets

New York and Washington will get less in federal anti-terror money this year, while other areas will see increases in their funding. Under one program, New York still gets the largest grant but it is $83 million down on last year, while the capital’s funding is cut by $31 million. “Somehow this administration thinks that Georgia peanut farmers are more at risk than the Empire State Building,” said N.Y. Sen. Charles Schumer, referring to a 40 percent rise in Georgia’s grant.

Google has no plan for its own browser

Google has no plan for its own browser

Google Inc. has no plans to build its own Web browser software to compete with rival Microsoft Corp., Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said on Wednesday. Schmidt dismissed speculation that the company aimed to tie together its Web search and other services to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.


Madonna snaps at bored audience member


Madonna’s gig in Las Vegas, Nevada was boring and a waste of time to one audience member in one of the front rows. Halfway through the performance, Madonna snapped reports The Scoop,

If you are only going to sit there, at least you can smile

Madonna should take this as the cue that her career is over. A person who went out of their way and most likely willingly went to see Madonna on stage was bored with her performance. If I were to sit here and say how terrible Madonna was it really wouldn’t matter because I would never take time out of my day to see her, but this guy on the other hand did. So unless he was comatosed from excitement, he probably thought the performanc esucked and Madonna should give up trying to be the ‘Material Girl’ she once was.


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Bang & Olufsen gives the cell phone some class


Cell phones come packed with more and more bells and whistles as time goes on — still cameras, video cameras, Bluetooth, games — the list goes on and on. But what if you want your phone to just be, you know, a phone? Bang & Olufsen hears you, and that’s why it’s released the Serene, a simple mobile phone that’s “high end” because of its elegant design, not because of features you won’t use. Featuring a large screen and a retro-looking touch wheel, the Serene does what it’s made to do well without needless bloat. Don’t think that fewer features mean a lower price, however: the Serene will set you back about $1,300. But hey, pick up the Louis Vuitton leather holding case that’s designed to go with it and you’ll definitely have the classiest mobile in town.

Feeling all Serene, via Popgadget

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