Entertainment Island creates poolside theater

Spending many thousands of dollars on a TV and home-entertainment setup is great, but unless you have a huge picture window in your living room it’s generally hard to rub your ostentatious purchase into your neighbors faces. Without everyone on the block being able to see it, what’s the point? If you have $17,000 to spend, you can now bring the home theater experience outside this summer, in plain view of the Joneses, with the Frontgate Outdoor Entertainment Island. Featuring a JVC 42-inch plasma TV, Clarion surround sound speakers and a subwoofer, a Sirius satellite radio receiver, and a DVD player, the Island is the perfect addition to your McMansion’s backyard. With the touch of a button the TV raises and lowers into the galvanized steel-framed, stucco- and ceramic tile-decorated, wealth-announcing Island — and the whole thing can be cleaned off with a hose! Order now, as it’ll take 10 to 11 weeks to get delivered, precious time that could be spent showing everyone you’re the richest family in whatever county in north Jersey you live in. — Adam Frucci

Outdoor Entertainment Island from Frontgate, via Übergizmo

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