Jellyfish speaker: an immersive experience

Damn, I can’t believe I wasted my speaker-as-tripod-from-War-of-the-Worlds joke on those round speakers from Anthony Gallo Acoustics, because this jellyfish speaker from designer Kota Nezu is dying for a reference. About the size of a small stool (and he’s got some jellyfish versions of those, too), the Jellyfish Sonic has a cavity that’s full of water. When hooked up to a music source, it doesn’t just play music; it also creates ripples in the water tank, which in turn produce a cool wave effect beneath the fishy speaker thanks to the built-in light. The leggy little guy appears to have only a single full-range driver, so its acoustic abilities are a tad suspect, but there’s no question it will turn heads in any listening room — especially if you put some goldfish in it. — Peter Pachal

Jellyfish Sonic, via Yanko Design

[originating url]


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