Bang & Olufsen gives the cell phone some class


Cell phones come packed with more and more bells and whistles as time goes on — still cameras, video cameras, Bluetooth, games — the list goes on and on. But what if you want your phone to just be, you know, a phone? Bang & Olufsen hears you, and that’s why it’s released the Serene, a simple mobile phone that’s “high end” because of its elegant design, not because of features you won’t use. Featuring a large screen and a retro-looking touch wheel, the Serene does what it’s made to do well without needless bloat. Don’t think that fewer features mean a lower price, however: the Serene will set you back about $1,300. But hey, pick up the Louis Vuitton leather holding case that’s designed to go with it and you’ll definitely have the classiest mobile in town.

Feeling all Serene, via Popgadget

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