JVC’s new 32 and 37-inch LCD TVs with fast 120Hz refresh

She ain’t the prettiest girl on the block but she sure is fast! JVC just announced their intent to bring their previously Japanese-only, 120Hz Clear Motion Drive LCD TVs to these United States. That’s 120 frames per second, son — the original frame plus a new, interpolated frame — which is about double the rate of your typical, god-fearin’ LCD panel. The result? Less blurring, flicker, and a brighter picture with fewer ghost images to boot. The $2,700, 37-inch LT-37X987 and $2,000, 32-inch LT-32X987 bring ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuning, a 1366 x 768 native resolution, JVC’s fifth-gen D.I.S.T upscaling tech, 6-millisecond response time, and plenty of the ol’ in-and-outs including 2 x HDMI inputs, 2 x component inputs, 2 x S-Video inputs, a 15 pin D-Sub PC input, optical digital audio out and audio output. Expect the 37-incher to drop in August with the 32-incher set to roll in October.

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DS browser lacks some essentials [Update]

In our continuing coverage of the Opera DS browser, the latest bit of information from IGN states that the browser will not support Flash, nor will it support .pdf files, video, or sound. Also, the browser will not allow for the saving of images. All of this is taken from the Nintendo DS browser page.

Previously-stated nifty aspects of the browser, such as full stylus control, still remain intact, but the lack of support for videos and sound is a painful blow to the appeal of the add-on. Will this neglect in features affect your purchasing decision?

[Update: Fixed some of the wording in regards to saved images. Thanks for the correction Probot!]

Microsoft to introduce Windows "kill switch"?

Windows Genuine AdvantageRemember when Windows Genuine Advantage became nagware, notifying you over and over again when it thought your copy of Windows wasn’t legitimate? And remember when it started “checking in” with Microsoft every day? All’s fair in the name of anti-piracy, Microsoft seems to be saying, and the latest rumor is that this fall Microsoft will make WGA mandatory on all Windows PCs, and what’s more, will introduce a “kill switch” for Windows that will cause the operating system to stop working if the currently optional anti-piracy ‘feature” isn’t installed. Sounds peachy, huh? ZDNet blogger Ed Bott has more details. (P.S. If you’re currently in WGA notification hell, My Digital Life has 15 ways to kill the WGA nag screen.)

RemoveWGA Updeded to v1.1

RemoveWGA enables you to remove the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications” tool, which is calling home and connect to Microsoft servers every time you boot. Once the WGA Notification tool has checked your OS and has confirmed you had a legit copy, there is no decent point or reason to check it again and again every boot.

Also, Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is different than Windows Genuine Advantage Validation. RemoveWGA only removes the notification part, phoning home, and does not touch the Validation part. As the time I’m writting this, the Validation part is mandatory for some not critical downloads from Microsoft, but the Notification part is not mandatory at all, and you are able to install all of the security updates without installing this one. This may change in the future thought, I don’t know what are the Microsoft plans.

Microsoft Delays Office 2007 Slightly

Microsoft on Thursday acknowledged that it was pushing back Office 2007 from its scheduled October release to manufacturing. The company also backed away from promising a public launch in January, simply saying Office 2007 would arrive in “early 2007.”

“Based on internal testing and beta 2 feedback around product performance, we are revising our development schedule to deliver the 2007 Microsoft Office system by the end of year 2006, with broad general availability in early 2007,” a Microsoft spokesperson told BetaNews. “Feedback on quality and performance will ultimately determine the exact dates.”