Walmart clearing out RCA’s HD DVD for $350?

We just got word from one of our loyal readers, Brian, that he recently spotted RCA’s HD DVD player on one of Walmart’s clearance racks for $350. A quick web-search denies this but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Many large retail stores will put things on clearance once they have sat on the selves a certain amount of time. We plan on doing a little recon work later today (read: try my best to get my hands on one) and visit a few of the Walmarts in our areas. Remember, the RCA branded HD DVD player is exactly the same as the Toshiba one sans the brand name on the front. It would just make sense to seek one of these players out if you are in the market for an HD DVD player

That is if it is true. Has anyone else seen one of these players on the clearance rack?

[Thanks, Brian]

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