Windows Live Mail desktop Refresh: Better late than never

The MoreThanMail team blog jumped the gun a little bit last night and announced the availability of their newest public build of Windows Live Mail desktop just a little bit before it was ready to go live. Thankfully, the technical issues have been resolved and build 1083 is now up on

Here’s what’s new in this build:

Bug Fixes – This is always a given, but there are over 150 fixed since the last release.
Update Feeds Button – Exactly what you would think. A button that refreshes your RSS feeds.
Minimize to System Tray – This is a huge one for me and a feature that I have missed since switching to Mail desktop from Outlook.
Sign in with 3rd Party Live ID’s – This is for those of you whose Live ID is not an,,, or any of the other Microsoft produced domains.

Those are the four most significant features of the new release (at least for me), but other improvements include Easier Help Options and a change that makes your Current View Settings stick.

For those already using Windows Live Mail desktop, you can download it directly from here:

Those of you who have not yet tried it, you have to go through This is the link for you: Ideas Signup/Download

Check out the MoreThanMail Blog for more: Here

[originating url]

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