Nintendo Wii – ready for roll out

Nintendo - ready for roll out

Here’s a gallery of sneak photos shot inside a secret Nintendo Wii warehouse. The boxes are all marked ‘Do not sell before 11/19/06“. Lots of photos after the jump, including some of Zelda discs being put inside the plastic cases.


At Nintendo’s secret North Bend facility…whoops…the elves are readying the willy Wiis for ship, along with copies of zelda. The creates are marked “DO NOT SELL BEFORE NOV. 19th” and signed Ganon. There are photos of the trucks being loaded up, too, so here they come, here comes the thing I want most this year.

More photos of the facilities, Zelda discs being put into their boxes, and millions of Wiis, bellow:wiiselda2.jpg



Secret Wii Warehouse: Nintendo Ready for Retail []


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