LiteCubes for Colorful Quaffing


Here’s a accessory that could prove to be a fine enhancement to the upcoming holiday festivities: LiteCubes that light up your drink like a Christmas tree and have a gel center that you can freeze, cooling off that drink in cool style. They’re available in a variety of colors, each with an LED and battery embedded inside. Some of the LiteCubes, such as the green, blue, white and pink ones, required two batteries inside, rather than a single battery of the red, orange or gold ones.

These aren’t exactly new, but this is a good time to remind you of their existence—we especially like the Rainbow LiteCubes that can be set to different colors, glowing constantly or going into a discotastic color-changing mode. They’re $2.54 each, or $119.52 for a package of 48.

Product Page [Cube Lady, via Shiny Shiny]

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