Samsung to Ship 70-Inch 1080p LCD Early Next Year


Samsung teased us with the promise of a 70-inch LCD HDTV last August, and now it’s actually announced dates on the release of that monster, saying that we’ll see the full 1080p flat panel with the 8ms response time and 2000:1 contrast ratio in “February or March” of next year.

The company also boldly stated it would be able to crank out a million of these in a year, so this is one item you won’t have to be standing in line to get. You will certainly need to bring huge bags of money along, though, but Samsung wasn’t saying how much this baby will cost. When it ships, it’ll be the largest mass-produced LCD TV on the market, at least for a while.

Samsung reportedly to mass produce 70-inch LCD TV panels next February [DigiTimes]

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