Excitable Nintendo fanboys smash TVs with flying Wiimotes

Wii Smash

It seems that some overeager Wii users have gotten a bit too worked up while playing Wii Sports, bowling so hard that the strap of their Wiimote snapped, sending the controller barreling into their TVs. Is there anything worse than bowling for a spare and ending up with a busted big screen TV? As easy as it would be to blame Nintendo for making shoddy wrist straps, let’s be honest here: if you’re whipping your controller around so fast that it reaches TV-smashing velocity, you’re playing the game with a bit too much energy. It seems likely to me that people might have been playing without the wrist strap, got a bit too worked up, had their palmsweat send the Wiimote flying, then snipped the strap afterwards for sympathy/free TV from Nintendo points. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you, wear the strap, and simmer down.

~PS. What the hell size tv is that???


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