Hot Holiday Gadgets: Motorola KRZR


Even if you’re relatively out of touch you’re probably familiar with the Motorola RAZR, the iPod of cellphones and the most popular flip phone out there. It’s gotten so ubiquitous that Moto had to go and release a half-update to it to try to get RAZR lovers to drop another chunk of change on a similarly designed, yet not all that improved, new phone. Hence the KRZR was born. Think of it as the RAZRs bratty little brother. If you’ve got one on a holiday shopping list, here are all the deets you need to have.

What it is: The new flip phone from Motorola.

Why it’s cool: It’s narrower than the original RAZR, but it’s also a bit longer. It’s shiny and small, two of the most important attributes of any fashionable phone. It has a rather unimpressive 1.3-megapixel digital camera, but that should be plenty for taking photos of your drunk friends at the bars.

How much it costs: The KRZR will set you back $200 if you sign your life away to Verizon for two years. Seeing that the original RAZR was $500 when it was first released and can now be picked up for around $30, it’s safe to say that the KRZR’s price will be dropping significantly over the next few months. It might be worth holding out on this one, if you can.

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