All three Lord of the Rings films airing in HD on TNT

Our friends at TV Squad let us know that TNT will be airing all three Lord of the Rings movies December 15th. This will be the network television debut of the third film in the series, The Return of the King. Unfortunately what we’re not sure about is whether the HD channel will be airing original aspect ratio 1080i beauty or stretched widescreen upconverts. As the films have yet to make their debut on HD DVD or Blu-ray we’re keeping our fingers crossed but given TNT’s history with stretching content we can’t assume anything. The films will also be available for HDTVs via VOD, but that’s no assurance as when the Star Wars trilogy aired on Cinemax it was OAR, but cropped on video on-demand, so they may be different. We appeal to our readers, does anyone know if the previous Lord of the Rings films shown on TNT were native or upconverted, and if there’s any way to tell which these will be? Our plans for next Friday are riding on it (like we have plans).

[Via TV Squad] – [originating url]

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