Wireless HD to make HDMI obsolete

HDMI? Who needs it? Sure, it’s currently the best and only way to get the highest quality signal possible running to your HDTV from all your fancy HD home theater components, but it’s not gonna be king of the mountain for long. No, how can a thick cable stand up to a wireless standard that does the same thing?

That’s exactly what Israeli company Amimon claims to have developed. They have created a high-def modem that can send uncompressed 720p or 1080i video through walls and up to 40 feet away. This, in theory, will make setting up a high-end home theater easier, although I can’t really see too many ways in which you’d really need to make your TV have a wireless connection to the receiver. Sure, it’ll hide the cables, but otherwise it’s not like you’re gonna be moving those things around all that often. Oh well, progress is progress, right?
Amimon, via Gizmodo


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