Google’s 2006 Year-End Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist 2006

At the end of every year Google releases a Zeitgeist that ticks off the year’s most popular searches, which is good, clean fun for info-addicts like me. The Google Zeitgeist for 2006 is now out, and though it’s not quite as fascinating, for some reason, as Zeitgeists past, the year’s Top 10 searches are pretty interesting:

  1. bebo
  2. myspace
  3. world cup
  4. metacafe
  5. radioblog
  6. wikipedia
  7. video
  8. rebelde
  9. mininova
  10. wiki

While MySpace is still king of the social networking heap here in the U.S., obviously Bebo is doing something right, particularly overseas. World Cup is an obvious search, and “video” and “wiki” show that it truly was the year of Web 2.0. It’s interesting to see video sharing site Metacafe there, but not YouTube. Mininova, of course, is a popular BitTorrent tracker hosting links to torrents for TV shows, movies, and more. What about “radioblog”? It’s a custom embeddable music player presumably popular with the MySpace set. That leaves Rebelde, which is an enormously popular Mexican TV series which concluded its run this summer and spawned an equally popular band called RBD composed of actors from the show.

But of course there’s lots more to the 2006 Zeitgeist, so go check it out.

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