What happened to AIM-Google interoperability?

Google Talk and AIM?Today marks the one-year anniversary of what could have been a great milestone between AOL and Google.”‘Could have been’?” you ask? Well, one year ago today the two internet giants announced a $1 billion deal that put 5% of Google AOL in AOL Google’s pocket. One result they promised was that the companies’ instant messaging products, Google Talk and AIM, would be interoperable, allowing Google Talk users to send messages to AIM users and vice versa. And, as Steve Rubel points out, one year ago to the day, that interoperability is nowhere to be found.

Rubel speculates that AOL isn’t delivering the advertising revenue that Google hoped for, which has put integrations on hold. “After all, why get married if the courtship is rocky?” he says. “It would only upset users if they re-segregated the IM systems.” Whatever the cause, it’s been a long wait and I hope they haven’t decided to scrap the whole thing.

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