Process Scanner from Process Library

Process ScannerIt’s happened to all of us at some time or another; our computer starts to act up, operate slowly, or exhibit some other sort of suspicious behavior. Since we’re all chronic downloaders, we know there’s a very good chance that some nefarious process is running on our machine that we’d rather wasn’t.

In the past, this meant using a process explorer like the built-in Windows Task Manager or a better 3rd party option, and ferreting out process names that we don’t recognize. Personally, I’d then simply punch the process name into Google, and check out the first few sites that came up – usually this would be enough to give me a good idea of what I was dealing with. But thankfully, I won’t have to do that manual process any longer.

Probably the best known site for doing Windows process name lookups is Process Library. Thankfully, Process Library now offers a little utility called Process Scanner that you can download to your machine, run, and get a report back on all of the processes that are currently active on your system, and their likely security threat level and performance impact level.

It took me literally less than 2 minutes to download, install and scan my system with Process Scanner. Thankfully, I didn’t find anything to be worried about. But I’ll keep it in my hip pocket as yet another great free security tool.

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