Playstation 2 to outsell all next gen consoles in 2007?

An analyst from Wedbush Morgan Securities is predicting that the Playstation 2 will sell more than any of the new next generation consoles. Sony will ship in the coming months 11 million PS2 and only 6 million PS3 until March of 2007, and according to a rating agency Sony will continue to ship the same numbers until March 2008, which is a bit ironic if you consider that the Playstation 2 had a relatively weak launch, and since then it has beaten all sales records.


“The PS2 probably has the capacity to sell more than any other gaming” console, says Simon Jeffrey, chief operating officer at game maker Sega of America

So don’t trash your Playstation 2 just yet, because it seems that the next generation is the budget one, and instead of choosing one of the fancy top-end consoles (the PS3 and the XBox 360) a lot of consumers are choosing cheaper consoles like the Nintendo Wii and the PS2.


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