Four Laptop Add-Ons That’ll Keep Your System Humming


We’ve seen some really cool notebooks here at CES, but if you don’t have the cash to spend on a new system, one of these accessories should keep your system running with the big dogs.


APC Universal Laptop Battery
This slick, thin laptop battery not only doubles as a stand for your notebook, but can also juice it up for up to 8 hours. And it keeps track of the amount of time/power you have left via a tiny built-in LCD.


Kensington Wireless Keypad/Mouse Combo
Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Plug in this USB receiver and you’ll suddenly have a wireless mouse and numberpad.


Belkin N1 Wireless ExpressCard
Show your ExpressCard slot some love and upgrade to 802.11n at the same time.


Asus XG Station
Think of the XG Station as roids for your notebook’s video card. Plug it in and watch as those framerates jump through the roof. Future models will let you install/upgrade the video card inside the XG Station.

APC Laptop Battery
Kensington Wireless Keypad/Mouse Combo
Belkin Wireless N1 ExpressCard
Asus XG Station

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