Rubik’s Cube MP3 player has puzzling design


You love your MP3 player, but you love the ’80s even more. This doesn’t have to be a competition — not if you had an MP3 player shaped like a Rubik’s Cube. After all, that Rubik’s Cube speaker you got for your apartment a while back gives you that cubical vibe only when you’re at home, so you need something for your Rubik’s fix when you’re on the go.

Designer Hee Yong Shin’s Cube MP3 player also includes some nice touches: the USB port is only visible when you twist the layers, and when you twist them back so the player becomes a cube again, the buttons lock — simple and intuitive. But one problem I see is that the headphone jack is also only visible when the layers are twisted, so you can’t listen when it’s in cube form. And it obviously can’t function as a real Rubik’s Cube, if that matters to you.

Good thing the Cube is just a concept, then, since it seems Hee still has a few bugs to work out. But it’s still a cool design that I wouldn’t mind seeing in stores sometime soon.

Hee Yong Shin portfolio, via MobileWhack

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