Google dumbs down Images results

Google Images update
Google has changed the interface of Google Images, and not necessarily for the better. While the old results display for Google Images searches showed a thumbnail of each image along with the host’s domain name, the image’s dimensions, and a short description (taken from the image’s context on the site). Now Google Images only shows the short description unless you move your mouse over one of the thumbnails. For me, this makes the service significantly less intuitive. If I’m looking for, say, a logo that’s a certain size, I want to be able to see each image’s dimensions at a glance, but with the new interface I have to roll my mouse over each and every one until I find one that’s the right size. Similarly, being able to see the hosts of all of the images was handy, especially if you noticed that many of them are served by the same host. But now it’s like a puzzle, moving your mouse around until you find what you’re looking for.

I’m not sure if this new interface is showing up for all users, as Google is in the habit of testing new interfaces on a small cross section of users, but either way I hope this is an interface change they reconsider. What do you think of the update?

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