Hands-On: Sony PS3 Bluetooth Remote for EZ Blu-raying


Sony’s Bluetooth PS3 remote came in the mail and we just put it through its paces. Oh yes, clicking on every button. We were totally thorough! It’s in the wild, but having it in my hands, I’m surprised at how useful it is compared to the wireless SIXAXIS controller during movie watching. IMO, it’s worth the $25 or so Sony will squeeze from your wallet. Here are my notes:

•What makes it useful are the dedicated buttons for playback, slow motion, scanning, and track control; there are also dedicated controls for changing angle, audio tracks, subtitles, and pulling up in movie menus. That’s really annoying stuff if you’re trying to do it on the SIXAXIS.

•Forget about using a universal remote with the PS3. It doesn’t have an IR port. This is your only choice.

The gallery has complete and detailed shots of the button layouts, with accompanying notes.
galleryPost(‘ps3remote’, 8, ‘PS3 Remote’);

• No backlight. Boo.

• Range is good enough to go through two walls, to the PS3, about 30 feet away. Could be further, but what’s the point if the TV isn’t near you?

• Full on PS3 Controller buttons, with exception to the analog sticks, and variable pull on the triggers. It’s something, even if not useful for playing games.

• The remote shows up in a Bluetooth device search by PCs, but can’t pair.

• Seems to be omnidirectional. Signal range seemed to be the same in all directions.

• To pair it to the PS3, you hit select and enter keys for 5 seconds.

PS3 Remote [Gizmodo]


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