Darwinia upgrades for Vista

Introversion, the little game maker whose project Darwinia garnered them cult status, has just released an enhanced version specifically for Windows Vista. The upgrade has been in the making since June 2006, according to Introversion co-founder Chris Delay. Upgrades include:
  • Shift from OpenGL to DirectX, which enable enhanced visuals such as “screen warping explosion effects, reflective water, and Darwinian soul ‘auras.'”
  • Support for the Xbox 360 controller
  • Three new levels: Jailbreak, Stronghold and Doomsday
  • Other Vista-centric compatibility features
Those who already own Darwinia can expect an upcoming patch that adds all the enhancements. For those that want to try out the game (and we wholly recommend that you do), Darwinia has been given a prominent purchase location MSN Vista games page for $19.95.

Introversion is currently working on a double secret title codenamed Subversion.

[Via CVG]

[originating url]

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