Screen Shots: What Windows Live Is (and Isn’t)

Confused what Microsoft’s Windows Live is — and isn’t? This gallery is designed to help demystify Microsoft software services initiative, as well as to capture for posterity the rapidly changing Live family.

It is easier to show than tell what Microsoft’s Windows Live is — and isn’t. Here are as many screenshots as I could round up of some of the shipping, beta and still-officially unacknowledged set of Microsoft software services known as “Windows Live.” Because Microsoft is in the midst of a rebranding campaign and strategy shift in the Live space, any of these services could disappear at a moment’s notice. You’ve been warned.

First up: Windows Live Alerts. Still in beta, this free instant-notification service is currently free and available in the U.S., Canada and China only.

“However, some content providers may charge for using their content with our service. Wireless service charges may apply for receiving or replying to alerts on wireless devices. Check your wireless service plan for details,” Microsoft cautions testers.

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