The ultimate RSS feed: Twingly screensaver shows global blog activity


Although we normally don’t write about screensavers, this one by Primelabs has a cool factor mammoth enough to qualify as an exception. Twingly, as it’s somewhat perplexingly called, shows blogging activity all across the world. Judging from the video that the company put on YouTube, links to posts scroll along the left side of the screen, pointing to where they originated on the globe in the center.

When the data flow is too big (which probably happens all the time), the link list won’t contain every single blog post, so don’t feel bad if you can’t see your own — you’re still adding to the yellow dots on the map. And if you ever see a post that says, “Poop on all humans,” it’s probably those darn pigeon bloggers again.

PC users interested in pretending they’re in an episode of Jake 2.0 can download the saver for free from the Twingly site (no Mac version, sadly). Check out the video preview after the jump.

Primelabs, via The Red Ferret Journal

[originating url]

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