Can’t wait to get our flOw on this week!

This isn’t news so much as it is a reminder — the hotly anticipated flOw is due out this week. Hitting the PlayStation store on February 22nd at an as-of-yet undetermined price point (si nce it’s pretty high-profile, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was around $10), this musical and biological adventure is bound to be endless fun. For a while. Here’s what Sony’s official site has to say about the features of the game:
  • “Full HD at 1080p – Vibrant environments.
  • Dynamically Adjusting Experience – Customize your game experience.
  • Multiplayer mode – 1-4 players; same screen
  • SIXAXIS™ wireless controller – Gamers can use the analog thumb stick or take advantage of the SIXAXIS™ wireless controller motion sensors to glide, flit, and flOw through the abyss.”
We weren’t aware there was an abyss involved! There are five different creatures for you to choose from and a difficulty that changes depending on your skill level. It’s going to be great and, in certain cases, a great musical backdrop for that “chill” party you’ve been planning.

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