Samsung issues BlackJack ROM update, sensibility surrenders

Just so we don’t get your hopes up: no, it isn’t a Windows Mobile 6 update, but Samsung has found it within themselves to issue a ROM update for the Cingular BlackJack (Samsung i607) Windows Mobile 5 phone. However, unless you’re having issues with roaming, especially internationally, there isn’t much else to this update besides some new icons for some apps that come bundled with the phone.

Speaking of something to not get excited about though, check out Samsung’s update process. We haven’t seen this many steps for updating a device’s software since… well, probably ever. The update process requires a functioning ActiveSync connection to work, and we haven’t even tried this through alternative syncing systems like Missing Sync for the Mac yet, but venturous updaters be warned: this update completely erases your BlackJack, resetting it to a factory default software state.

That said, go forth and update ye old BlackJacks, especially if roaming has given you more than one headache since the phone debuted last November.

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