Xbox 360 Elite coming in April


Well, that rumored upgraded Xbox 360 we told you about a couple of months ago looks like it’s becoming a reality. Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox 360 Elite late last night, a black version of its popular console loaded up with a 120-GB hard drive and HDMI outputs.

It’s set to hit stores on April 29th for $480, which isn’t too much of a price increase for all that extra hard drive space and the improved connection. For you poor schulbs who are now stuck with a suddenly-outdated Xbox, you’ll be able to drop $180 on an external 120-GB hard drive for your older version as well, although that’s kind of an insane price for so little space. The really exciting stuff may be to come, however, as Microsoft is said to be announcing “exciting partnerships” later this week that might turn the Xbox into more of a multimedia hub, really using all that extra space. We’ll have to wait and see about that.

Via Gizmodo

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