HP’s new gaming notebook is a monster


How big does a laptop have to be before it’s just a computer that can fold up? After all, if it’s too heavy and bulky to carry around and, well, use on your lap, then it’s just a desktop computer in a fancy case, right?

That seems to be the case with HP’s new 20-inch (!!) Pavilion HDX Gaming Notebook. Weighing in at an obscene 12 pounds, this thing is far from portable. But hey, it’s not really designed to be. It’s a gaming notebook, so that’s why you’ll get the ludicrously large 20-inch screen, and it’s loaded with hardware to run all your favorite games. It also has a built-in Windows Media remote next to the keyboard as well as an HDMI output if you want to send video to your HDTV. No word on pricing, but this thing is going to be as cheap as it is portable.

Gizmodo, via Mobile Mag

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