Google Wireless – does it have a ring?

Google LogoRumor is spreading today that perhaps we got it wrong about the Google Phone, perhaps Google was thinking bigger (like Google is known to do). Perhaps they were thinking of being a carrier.

This is inline with my interpretation of Google honcho’s remarks about cell phones being free. I believe he meant the service should be free, advertising can support the business model (or so I theorize). Phones are already “free” from wireless providers. They may not be the hippest, but they are free with a commitment, so Google saying “phones should be free” doesn’t move the bar any.

A free wireless network does. How would Verizon and AT&T react to something like that? They’d be scrambling to devise a new business model.

Boy Genius Reports says According to Richard Whitt, Washington telecommunications and media counsel at Google, there’s a chance that they will make a play for licensee rights to the upcoming 700 MHz band that the FCC is going to auction off. “We have not ruled in or out participating in the auction as a licensee,” says Whitt. “Whether or not we do get involved [in the auction], we see some value in creating these kinds of platforms.”

Take it with a grain or two of salt, but imagine the possibilities. There are lots of folks I know who would love to stop paying big bucks for service.

Read [BoyGenius] via [Computerworld]

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