Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 1 released

The latest version of the venerable Netscape Navigator browser has been shoved kicking and screaming into beta, with a host of improvements that might make it worth a second look.

The list of upgrades to the browser — which introduced a great many of us to the World Wide Web for the very first time — includes:

  • Firefox 2 Extension CompatibilityLike Navigator but miss your Firefox extensions? Not anymore.
  • URL Correction – No more googlecom or downlodsquad, the browser handles auto-correction of common mistakes
  • News Menu and Sidebar – Integration with the social news site, including in-browser voting
  • Sidebar Mini-browser – The sidebar isn’t just for bookmarks anymore
For the full low-down on what’s up in Netscape Navigator 9 check out the What’s New document. Firefox extension compatibility could make Navigator a very strong alternative once again after many years of lagging behind the crowd.

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