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The perfect wallpaper?

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You just never know when you might come across the perfect wallpaper to complement Vista.

Google Docs redesign looks great

The new intervace is very usable, and addresses many of the issues people were asking about. Let’s talk about each of the improvements individually.

First, you will notice the interface. There isn’t just one thing about it that I particularly like — it’s all pretty good. It’s speedy, AJAXy and makes me want to use it. You can even drag and drop things into folders — I’m sure some Gmail users are hoping the same thing comes to their inbox soon too.


Next, the whole folder structure is brand new. Strangely enough, Google abandoned the “tag” and completely replaced them with folders. Earlier today a friend of mine called me up to ask how to make folders in Google Docs — I’m betting there were a lot of people in that same boat and that’s why it was changed.


And last, but not least, the search box now tells you what you are searching for before you finish typing. It has a similar behavior to Google Suggest and the Google Toolbar.

Overall, a great job by the Google Docs team on this one — the only thing missing now is offline functionality and maybe a new look for Writely and Google Spreadsheets to match the new docs list.

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Nokia Eseries devices are widely available in the U.S.

Nokia E61i

I purchased a Nokia E61 to replace my Treo 650 from a US importer last year and have since upgraded to a Nokia E61i, again via a US importer. Nokia posted a press release announcing that Nokia E-series, these are the enterprise focused devices like the E61i, are broadly available in the United States. The release is primarily an educational announcement to spread the word about various outlets where you can get a Nokia E61i, E65, or other Eseries model. There are more than 140 value-added resellers (VARs) in the Nokia for Business Channel Program, including, Gateway, and Mobile Planet. I personally have purchased my Eseries devices from PhoneSource USA and have been extremely pleased with their services. IMHO, the E61i is a great deal at around US$400 for a SIM unlocked device that requires no contract extension or minimal service obligation.

The Eseries devices are S60 smartphones with pre-installed applications and features focused on the business user. Devices like the E61i and E90 have QWERTY keyboards and just about every wireless radio you can think of to allow for VoIP telephony and connectivity anywhere. There are several syncing and push email solutions as well as the ability to view email attachments. The Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite also allows for high security managment of the devices, which is critical to the business user. All of this isn’t to say that these devices still can’t be used for fun and personal enjoyment since they have MP3 capability, some have cameras for quick snapshots, and they support a large number of 3rd party applications.

Thanks to my buddy Chris over at Mobility Site for the link to the press release.

Apple prepping a cheaper iPhone? Probably.

Yeah, don’t pretend like you didn’t see this one coming. Completely unsubstantiated “market sources” rumors are making the rounds that Apple is already prepping a lower cost iPhone variant. Warning: completely mundane “analysis” follows. According to American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu, “Apple needs to round out its iPhone product line at lower price points (similar to iPod) if it expects to replicate the success of its iPod with sales of 100 million units.” Shaw Wu has been right on a couple Apple predictions in the past, but it doesn’t take much to guess that Apple is currently at work on, or at least thinking about, a second generation of iPhone. Price drops also seem inevitable, and Shaw’s predictions hold few surprises. He claims to have heard of “lower cost iPhone prototypes for release at unspecified future dates” from his sources, and maybe he has, but we’re not going to start proclaiming Apple’s dominion over all form factors and price points (as entertainingly conceptualized above) just yet.

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Harry Potter Hacked?


t’s very unlikely, but someone claims to have hacked into the publishing house that distributes the Harry Potter books (Bloomsbury) and obtained the final manuscript of the soon-to-arrive 7th book. This man (kid) supposedly got into the computers of the publisher by sending a link to a browser exploit through email and having the publisher click on it.

Don’t click if you don’t want potential spoilers.

Harry Potter 0day [Seclists via The Inquirer]

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Apple Corrects iPhone Competitive Data Chart


As several alert readers already noticed, iPhone isn’t the only Wi-Fi device in the chart. The Nokia N95 does indeed have it too. Above you’ll see the corrected chart that Apple released a few minutes ago. Follow the jump to see them both. Why? Because it’s fun to laugh at human error on a Monday morning, I suppose.

Original chart:


Apple Gives iPhone Glass Face and Extends Talk Time To 8 Hours [Gizmodo]