kirat dead

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There are days i want to do that in the office…

Adventures of Loco: the Zoo

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Adventures of Loco: the Zoo, originally uploaded by jaaesian.


Project Offset trailer doles out goosebumps

Ah, sweet Project Offset. There are few games that have us as intrigued as Project Offset. Initially touted as something of a squad-based, fantasy first person shooter, it had us hooked from the word go. And then almost all traces of the game vanished. Sure, we had snippets of info here and there: a teaser or two, a viral campaign of sorts (that has since disappeared). But then, nothing. Until now, it seems, as a trailer of the game has been leaked onto the internet. On the official website, the Project Offset team pleads that news sites not show the video. Considering said plea is actually the first time the Project Offset site’s news section has been updated since October of 2006, we can hardly deny our news hungry readers such a tender morsel. Watch the video above — which sports first and third person viewpoints and touts 5 distinct classes — and dream.

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Roller printer lets you make your own scrolls


Need a 100-page report fired off in 5 minutes? A laser printer can do it easily. Want a few 8x10s for your friends? That inkjet is up to the task. Got a hankerin’ for a 12-foot scroll? The Roller Printer has your back.

Roller printer? Yep, designer Jin Woo Han has conceived a printer that will print on extremely long lengths of paper, letting you create all the “Mission Accomplished” banners you want right in the privacy of your own home. It has a built-in cutter, so even if you’re printing conventional sizes most of the time, being able to switch to A4 paper on a whim will come in handy.

Of course, something this unusual would have to be a concept, so you won’t be able to buy it at CompUSA anytime soon (where would you get the rolls anyway?). Still, it seems unfair that the desktop scroll publishers out there need to run for the Scotch tape; we wouldn’t mind seeing this printer roll into reality. More pictures after the jump.

Yanko Design, via Gizmodo

Google dangles $4.6 billion at the U.S. Government

Google dangles a $4.6 billion carrot by ZDNet‘s Garett Rogers — Google’s $4.6 dollar carrot comes in the form of a potential bid for spectrum in the upcoming 700mhz auction — but only if the U.S. Government meets all their demands. I am not an expert in the field, but I am guessing Google’s promised participation in this auction is gives them significant leverage. […]

$400 Ooma Gives You Free VOIP and Landline Calls for Life

Companies such as Vonage had better look to their laurels, as new kid on the block Ooma is looking to steal their thunder with a product that offers VOIP calls – but with a twist. From September, you will be able to get your hands on the Ooma, a hub that combines VOIP with regular landlines. But you have to shell out a lot of dosh first…

And that’s $400 – or $399, to be exact. This is what happens. You buy your Ooma Hub and connect it. It gives you free internet calls, but also works with your existing landline. If you have to dial 911 it does so on your landline (VOIP apparently can have problems connecting to the emergency number). International calls are automatically routed through the internet – which means they are gratis.

There are other benefits as well: Ooma gives you a virtual second line, meaning that if another call comes in while you are already on the phone, your butler/gimp/special friend/warthog can answer it from another extension. It comes with a built-in answering machine, and you can check your messages and call logs online. So, kind of like Skype, but not Skype.

WSJ’s Mossberg has just had a go on one and gave it the Walt thumbs-up, with just one niggle: he had a bit of trouble with incoming calls until he connected to another jack.

The Ooma comes out in September but until then they’re making it rather exclusive – rather like the launch of gmail. Over the summer, 1500 lucky people will be getting freebies, as well as three Ooma tokens to give out to their friends so that they can pick up a hub for free. Lucky them. [Wall Street Journal]

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Track your hard drive usage with WinDirStat

See that pretty picture? That’s a representation of every single file sitting on a 100GB hard drive. The shiny purple spot on the bottom is the page file, and to its right are thousands of little yellow spots showing 5 years worth of photos.

WinDirStat lets you create art from your hard drive. But that’s really a side effect of its primary purpose, which is to provide you with information about your disk use. We first told you about this free application back in 2005. But even though the program hasn’t been updated since last year, it runs just fine on Windows Vista.

While Windows Explorer lets you order files in a folder from largest to smallest or vice versa, it’s pretty much useless when it comes to figuring out why your hard drive is almost full. Not that you really need a program to tell you that you’ve been spending too much time on iTunes (or BitTorrent), but WinDirStat can help you track down large files on your PC.

Each chunk of colored lights represents a folder on your computer. Or if you can do without the visuals, you can just focus on the top window that shows you where your largest files are.

[via CyberNotes]