AllofMP3 closes – well kindof

The bane of the international music industry – Russia’s pirate music site, has finally been closed by the Russian Government – but a new site has sprung up to take its place. has been trading for a number of years by flagrantly selling cheap unlicensed albums from major international record labels, although the site claimed that it was legal under Russian law, it was clear that the site had no license agreements with record labels. Over the past year the site had become the focus of Russia’s failure to deal with its endemic intellectual property piracy problems – the US had used the site’s existence to threaten Russia’s membership to the World Trade Organization.

But when it comes to the AllofMP3 saga, it would appear that it’s gone but not forgotten. Shortly after closing down, the ”brains’ behind AllofMP3 launched a sister site –, which featured the same interface, downloads and graphics as the original site.

However, it seems that perhaps the Russian authorities decided to act a little faster this time because shortly after its launch, MP3Sparks also appeared to go offline. Of course I wouldn’t hold my breath on it staying that way.

[originating url]

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