Project Offset trailer doles out goosebumps

Ah, sweet Project Offset. There are few games that have us as intrigued as Project Offset. Initially touted as something of a squad-based, fantasy first person shooter, it had us hooked from the word go. And then almost all traces of the game vanished. Sure, we had snippets of info here and there: a teaser or two, a viral campaign of sorts (that has since disappeared). But then, nothing. Until now, it seems, as a trailer of the game has been leaked onto the internet. On the official website, the Project Offset team pleads that news sites not show the video. Considering said plea is actually the first time the Project Offset site’s news section has been updated since October of 2006, we can hardly deny our news hungry readers such a tender morsel. Watch the video above — which sports first and third person viewpoints and touts 5 distinct classes — and dream.

[Via Joystiq]

[originating url]


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