Instantbird: Mozilla does chat

We’re starting to think there’s nothing you can’t build on top of Mozilla. There’s the Firefox web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, Songbird music player/browser, and now it looks like we’ve got a Mozilla-based instant messaging client.

Instantbird is still in early beta. But version 0.1 already shows some promise. The application is a multi-client chat program letting you connect to popular instant messaging services including AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!. You know, pretty much like Pidgin. In fact, Instantbird uses libpurple, the same code library used by Pidgin.

Version 0.1 is still pretty buggy, Instantbird has a long road in front of it. The goal for version 1.0? Make a chat client that has all the same features as Pidgin. But beyond that, the developers hope to add voice and video functionality to Instantbird, which would make it a killer multi-protocol messenger application.

Like most things Mozilla, Instantbird comes in Linux, Windows, and Mac varieties. But we don’t really recommend compiling it from source on Ubuntu unless you really know what we’re doing. We waited over 2 hours for it to compile before getting an error message.

[via Mozilla Links]

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