Washington Post expects Wii Zapper backlash, too gun-like

The Wii Zapper/Link’s Crossbow Training bundle drops tomorrow — a relatively surreptitious release considering some of the other holiday giants coming out this week. However, something tells us that the political backlash to Nintendo’s kinda-gun-shaped-but-not-really peripheral will be anything but furtive — and Washington Post writer Monica Hesse agrees.

In her article, she gives a brief history of toy guns, and how the Zapper fits into the grand saga of controversial faux weaponry. Some of her sources are firmly opposed to the idea of bringing a gun attachment to the otherwise kid-friendly system, but we feel that 14-year-old Damian Crisafulli’s response to paranoid parents is the most insightful soundbite in the whole story: “It’s plastic that clips to a video game controller.” Well said, Damian.

[Via GamePolitics]

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