iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video and Evidence Confirms Update Is Real, Breaks Unlock, Third-Party Apps


via Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz on 12/29/07


Here’s a video of the iPhone Firmware 1.1.3. Update: It is very real, according to Natetrue and the evidence he has provided to us. Knowing that the mighty Natetrue has recorded it and the details he has shared with us, we are inclined to think that the new 1.1.3 leak is very real indeed. Like before, the update breaks the unlock and the third-party apps, patching previous vulnerabilities at the same time. The battle between Apple and the iPhone Dev Team continues. The video shows how to move icons around in the Springboard, wobbling to indicate they can be dragged and dropped around, which is kind of an Apple-meets-Nintendo touch:

(UPDATED 9:40PM – Originally posted at 7:05PM: We talked with natetrue and he has given us a lot of new information about the firmware upgrade. Full update after the jump)

We had some doubts, but now we can tell you we are sure: the new firmware 1.1.3 is real. Or like Nate says: “if it is a hoax, they did a buttload of work.” The fact is that it installs normally and it works perfectly, according to all the evidence that Natetrue has brought to our attention. We believe this evidence because it’s technically sound and it has been provided by one of the most respected and veteran iPhone hackers and the author of the popular app iBrickr.

Nate says that “it installs on the phone no-questions-asked and for that you need to have Apple’s private key, which i can confirm that the iphone hacker community does not have—as much as we would love to have it.” Indeed, Apple’s private encrypted key, used to authenticate all accesses to the iPhone most-private guts, hasn’t been uncovered yet by anyone in the world.

In other words, no firmware upgrades can be installed without the knowledge of this key. Furthermore, the idea that someone would have access to this key and spend months to create a fully functional firmware update, with key new features and without any documentation whatsoever seems just absolutely silly.

Effects on unlocks and Third-party applications
According to Nate, the update breaks AnySim’s unlocks. Logically, you can’t unlock this update using AnySim and there’s no alternative to iTunes for activation. If you want to activate, it will only work using iTunes and a standard AT&T account. As he points out: “that is the only way we have been able to activate so far.” Nate tried to upgrade an AnySim 1.2u iPhone and it failed. Even while he was able to force it to boot, the phone refused to activate even with a normal AT&T SIM card. “I suspect it’s due to the fact that the baseband could not be upgraded to the 1.1.3 ‘required’ version”, he pointed out.

Nate didn’t try other updates or solutions, like iPhone Sim Free or any of the hardware-based ones, like TurboSIM. In theory, these should work just fine, but jailbreak and activation would be absolutely impossible for the time being. We would have to wait until the update gets released in the open to try new alternative activation methods.

Your favorite third-party apps will be gone too, with no possibility of return for now. The update fixes the bugs which allowed “the jailbreak method we were using for 1.1.2, locking us out again, as expected.”

Other effects
Like previous firmware upgrades, whatever is in the user partition remains unchanged. Only the Apple-owned part is affected by 1.1.3. So for those of you who claim that this is a fake because it says “Nate” in the network instead of “AT&T,” that’s the reason. Nate changed the network name in 1.1.2 using Erica’s Make It Mine program. The changed network name, like with 1.1.1 and any other previous firmware, is kept through firmware upgrades.

New features and future releases
The list of new features are confirmed too: all are correct, but he couldn’t confirm if they are the only ones or not.

Many of you would be wondering how this could have happened, knowing the extremely tight security around the iPhone firmware updates. We don’t know, but apparently the leak has occurred because “someone wanted to help the unlock effort.” The source of the leak is completely anonymous, even to Nate and the rest of the people who have had access to the upgrade.

Why the update hasn’t hit Torrent yet? According to Nate, the code could be watermarked to catch any leaks “so for now it’s screenshots and videos.” Also, distributing it won’t make much sense at this point: according to Nate the iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware update could hit as soon as next week.

Stay tuned for more updates. [Cre.ations.net – Thanks Nate for your insight and Markus for the tip]


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The Tudors will be back on March 30 … I know it seems like so far away, but here is the first look at the poster for the second season. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry with Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. source

+ JRM is Henry VIII
+ Henry Cavill Naked in The Tudors
+ The Tudors by Francois Rousseau

The end of an era as AOL officially retires Netscape

Wow… I’ve actually gotten used to using Netscape 9, which is a nice version of Firefox v2…
That is just too bad!

via BetaNews.Com on 12/28/07

As we bid adieu to 2007 and prepare to enter the new year, AOL is also saying goodbye to memories: the company has finally killed off the Netscape Web browser – or what was left of it, anyway.

Sim Card Backup Gadget

Now this is something that should have been in the market when SIM’s was first introduced!

via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women by Evan on 12/29/07


Why didn’t I have this BEFORE I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, BEFORE my daughter lost hers at the movies and BEFORE my huband’s phone was stolen from his car? All that lost time re-entering our info.

If we’d had the Sim Card Backup gadget we could have replicated our contacts onto another SIM card. The device has 16KB of storage which is enough for 500 telephone records. The memory is organized in 2 different SIM Cards data storage banks.

I’d pay hundreds of dollars for this gadget but you can pick it up for only $14.99 at Think Geek

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Nintendo DS Tops PS2 in Lifetime Sales (Japan) [Sony Vs Nintendo]

Gotta love that Nintendo!

via Gizmodo by Mark Wilson on 12/29/07


Every once in a while when you study those weekly sales charts out of Japan you catch something interesting. And that happened when last week’s numbers came out: the Nintendo DS has overtaken the PS2 in lifetime console sales in Japan.

But when Nintendo sells over 200,000 portable units a week in one country alone, it’s hard to believe that their DSs have not yet assembled into a giant, gajillion-screened monster with a vicious stylus attack that would stop even the likes of Ultraman. Outsell the PS2 in Japan? That’s just another day at the office when you have nuclear laser attacks in the brain.

PS, we know that picture is a PSP, not a PS2. But we love the picture and rarely get a chance to dust it off.

Returning A Defective Home Theater To Circuit City Makes You Bang Your Head …

Thought passing on the word on one of the big guys is always a good thing.
Keeping things real! And the more people know, the better!

via Consumerist by Carey Greenberg-Berger on 12/28/07


“On November 29th, 2007, I purchased a Phillips HTS3544 HTIB (Home Theater in-a-box) online at circuit city.com for $197.47. This included the extra that I paid for expedited 3-day shipping. Done. I thought with the weekend coming up I would receive it around December 3rd-4th. And thats when the problems started rolling on it. The first problem was that the circuit city warehouse didn’t even notify FedEx until December 4th, and I didn’t receive the item until December 7th (which is 3-day on FedEx’s part). Okay, fine, I think Ill just call and have the extra charges refunded. But no way did I know this would spiral into what it has become.”

Once unpacked, I proceed to wire everything up and, after all that work, plug the receiver in. Hmm… no red standby light… no fan… no nothing. I try another outlet… great… I got a defective unit. Okay, thats fine, things happen, I’m sure Circuit City’s customer service will work things out with me. Not.

I called the customer service number, went through the usual prompts, and was put on hold… for 10min… 20…30…40…50…1hr… someone picks up. Okay, I’m tired of waiting but now I can get this resolved. I explain what has happened, and “I’m sorry… you have to talk to the returns department, please hold”. Son of.. no, no, just wait.

10…20…30…1hr…and an hour and a half rolls by and someone picks up. I explain the situation and the fact I’ve been on hold for over 2hrs cumulative now… they take all my information and..

“I’m sorry sir, but this item is an online-only offer, so it will have to be returned via fed ex express. The charges for this will be $60.43 and there will be a 15% restocking fee; your balance to return the item is $87.42; would you like to use your previous payment method to fund this?” –WHAT!? I’m speechless…. you can’t be serious. First… the product CAME LATE and DEFECTIVE. Second… ME pay for the shipping charges? No way. I try and get things resolved… no go. They wont budge. I then request a supervisor and get this response: “I’m sorry sir, but my supervisor is going to tell you the same thing; this is our policy and we cannot change it for you. Your account has been noted.” I demand a supervisor a second time. “Sir, a supervisor is not going to change this.” Deny me a supervisor once? Wrong. 2 times? Now I’M getting severely upset. I demand a third time. “Sir, I’m sorry but I cannot do that. Your account has been noted, have a good night.” Click. What… hung up on!? Now I’m furious.

I call the number again…hold for over an hour again.. I get another rep… and I demand a supervisor immediately… “Sir, what is the issue you are having? I am sure that i can assist you with it and a supervisor will not need to be contacted.” What is wrong with this company? Why do they deny supervisors? I request again… deny… again… deny…again…and deny. I finally am outraged and demand a supervisor and FINALLY, they tell me they will transfer me. Hold again… 30min…45…1hr… “Hello, I’m a supervisor what is the issue?” Finally.. I explain… and… “I’m sorry…but this is our policy and we cannot change it”. You have got to be kidding me. I request their corporate office and she gives me another 1-800 number. She hangs up, without saying anything more.

By this time, I have spent almost 5hrs on the phone cumulative and it is very late and I am irate to say the least. I head to bed and call corporate tomorrow; surely this has to be a bad luck thing.

Tomorrow comes and I call the corporate office… within holding for 5min someone picks up… amazing… no hold? Maybe this is a good thing. I speak to a lady and plead my case. She apologizes for everything that has happened and agrees to expedite shipping of a new product for me and says she has to verify some information and puts me on hold for about 5minutes. Good,things will get fixed. She comes back on the line… “I’m sorry sir but we cannot ship this product 3-day for you and you will have to pay the shipping to us to return in and we will ship you a new one in 14-21 days.” WHAT!?!?! I explain this request is outrageous and question if I am able to do ANYTHING through a store location. She informs me that I, in fact, CAN return it to a store and have a new one shipped to me. Amazing the lack of communication here, isn’t it? Good, I say I will do that and the conversation ends.

I call up my local store and ask for a supervisor and get one. I explain the situation that I have been going through and the supervisor understands and I head to the store. I return the item to them and they set up the new shipment… but there is still an issue. Remember how I paid for 3day? They refuse to honor that for this new shipment… by this time I’m so done with this company I just tell them to ship it to me and be done with it. I get the receipt and shipping info and leave.

December 10th comes.. and I have a package? Whats this? 2 days? Amazing. I finally think this process is over… but no, it’s not. I open the package and this time, before unwrapping ANYTHING, I plug the receiver in, laughing, thinking there is no way I could possibly get a SECOND one that doesn’t work. … no…red light… no fan… no…nothing. You have to be kidding me. ANOTHER defective unit. I immediately call the store and explain what happened and at this time, I am infuriated. They understand and want to ship ANOTHER one to me.. but by this time this is not going to work. I demand that the supervisor find a comparable product that they can exchange IN STORE TONIGHT for me. She agrees and finds me a Panasonic 5 Disc HTIB with the same features, minus and plus a few. Good, I bring the product in, exchange it, bring the new item home, plug the receiver in and… IT WORKS! We’re done!

Now… lets recap… I received two defective products… wasted over 7hrs of my time via phone and driving to locations, was told contrasting information on return policies, and was told I would have to furnish shipping for a defective product? During the phone conversations with their 1-800 #, I had to struggle to understand EVERY rep I had, INCLUDING the supervisors, I assume due to outsourcing. I then FINALLY get the product exchanged and.. IT DOESN’T WORK! I get a comparable product after having to cohort the supervisor into this and finally, I have a working product, 2 weeks of waiting and 7hrs of phone conversations PLUS having to drive to and from a store location TWICE and I wound up with a product that I didn’t want but suffices. Now, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just get a refund and go elsewhere? $125 of the purchase was on gift cards I bought at a local store for the fuel perks prior to shopping… burned on my part for that. The moral of this story? I will NEVER shop at this company again and I will make sure my family does the same. I have contacted the BBB regarding this but I don’t expect to have a reply. Take your business elsewhere… often-times, an ad price you see here can be matched somewhere else that will actually give you something called Customer Service.

What a nightmare, made all the more frustrating because the store could have instantly exchanged the unit, rather than made you wait for two weeks—for another defective unit. We like to simultaneously pursue multiple avenues when dealing with thickety customer service issues. If a CSR tells you to wait two weeks, call the store and ask for faster response, or to provide an alternate resolution. Just because customer service agents are bound to a handbook, doesn’t mean you can’t try to outflank them.

(Photo: alaspoorwho)

Water Bar: Just Looking at It Makes Me Want to Take a Leak [Not Your Average…

via Gizmodo by Sean Fallon on 12/28/07


Imagine drinking copious amounts of alcohol, all while staring at this “waterfall” optical glass bar designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. You would be heading to the bathroom every 15 minutes. In reality though, no actual water is used. The effect is created using an optical glass block that is crafted in such a way that it gives the impression of flowing water. An interesting design concept for sure, but if I were a bar owner I would think twice about installing it. Water bills from frequent flushing can be a bitch. Additional image after the break.


[Tokujin Yoshioka via Yanko Design]

Optimus Tactus, the next big keyboard idea from Art.Lebedev Studio

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via DVICE by Charlie White on 12/28/07


Here’s the next forward-thinking keyboard idea from the Art.Lebedev Studio—this Optimus Tactus is a keyboard that has no keys. Along with its touchscreen substituting for physical keys comes flexibility, giving you choices of how big those graphic keys can be. When you’re not typing, you can even substitute a video screen instead of the images of keys in front of you.

Not a real product yet, this is a design concept from Art.Lebedev, with no pricing or release date attached thus far. That might mean a long wait for such an innovative keyboard, if the company’s Optimus Maximus keyboard is any indication. That one’s been in the works for nearly two years, and is just now in the pre-order stage. We really like this design, but we’re not holding our breath waiting for it to be available.

Via Art.Lebedev Studio

Things you can do from here:

Intel demos iPhone-like MID of the future

Intel just keeps banging out the hits from IDF. After the handful of McCaslin “next-quarter” and “coming-soon” UMPCs we saw from the chipmaker (and associates), Intel started busting out prototypes from its forthcoming Menlow chipset, using smaller, 45nm Silverthorne CPUs, and the 2009/2010 offering Moorestown… which is the bad-boy you’re looking at in these photos is based on. In a rather obvious homage to the iPhone, the chip-kingpin presented this do-anything, go-anywhere MID (provided you can cram this French-bread-sized device into a pocket). The device will feature a 45nm CPU as well, plus all kinds of goodies like integrated WiFi and WiMAX, and apparently 24 hours of battery life on a single charge. Obviously, this product will probably never see the light of day (at least not in this form factor), but then again — you never really know.

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Read — Intel Details Next Generation “Menlow” MID, UMPC Platform

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ASUS’ M930W brings E90 style to Windows Mobile

via Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler on 12/24/07

Right down to the color scheme, pretty much everything about the ASUS’ just-leaked M930W is reminding us of Nokia’s E90 business superphone, save for one very important detail: this one’s running Windows Mobile 6 instead of S60. The specs reveal 3.6Mbps HSDPA, a pretty capable 3.2 megapixel autofocus cam, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, microSDHC slot, 256MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM. That’s the good news; the bad is that we’re lacking GSM 850 and 3G 850 / 1900 here. What else is new, right? France’s GPS&Co has it pegged for a Q1 ’08 release at a yet-to-be-determined price.[Via Unwired View]