Mozilla needs a few good beta testers

The company is looking to reach out to the community of users of its software by building a mailing list of those interested in beta testing software.

Mozilla is currently in the midst of testing out its next release of Firefox, however the company is apparently planning ahead for future products. Testers will be responsible with putting release candidate and developer builds through their paces before shipment.

“Our community is a valuable resource, and we hope to build a network of trusted testers who we can count on to help us make the web experience great for all of our users,” quality assurance team member Marcia Knous said.

Those with experience in advanced web development are especially welcome to the program. It should be mentioned that these are not betas per se, but rather developer builds, which mean that problems with these applications could be more troublesome than the average beta.

From the beta call, it appears that Mozilla is attempting to keep the program out of the general everyday tester, mentioning that there are other programs for that.

“There are Bug Days and Test Day events that you can participate in if you are interested in becoming a nightly tester or interested in general testing,” Mozilla said in an FAQ.

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