Axiontron beats Apple to the Mac tablet punch

modbook-mac-tablet-axiotron.jpgAre you tired of waiting for Apple to release a MacBook tablet for you to fawn over? Sure, there have been rumors about them for months now, but there’s nothing coming out of Cupertino currently that looks anything like the tablet so many Apple fans want so badly. What are you to do?

Just get the next best thing, the ModBook Mac Tablet. Sure, it’s not an official Apple computer, but if they aren’t gonna release what you want you need to take matters into your own hands. This tablet is a modified Apple MacBook that has a touchscreen and no keyboard, but it does have an iSight camera, a DVD burner, ForceGlass on the screen to protect it from scratches and the like, and WiFi. It looks pretty slick, although with no price announced as of yet you can assume this one will be very, very expensive. But hey, if Apple released one officially it’d be very expensive too, so what’s the difference?

Product Page, via UberGizmo

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