iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video and Evidence Confirms Update Is Real, Breaks Unlock, Third-Party Apps


via Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz on 12/29/07


Here’s a video of the iPhone Firmware 1.1.3. Update: It is very real, according to Natetrue and the evidence he has provided to us. Knowing that the mighty Natetrue has recorded it and the details he has shared with us, we are inclined to think that the new 1.1.3 leak is very real indeed. Like before, the update breaks the unlock and the third-party apps, patching previous vulnerabilities at the same time. The battle between Apple and the iPhone Dev Team continues. The video shows how to move icons around in the Springboard, wobbling to indicate they can be dragged and dropped around, which is kind of an Apple-meets-Nintendo touch:

(UPDATED 9:40PM – Originally posted at 7:05PM: We talked with natetrue and he has given us a lot of new information about the firmware upgrade. Full update after the jump)

We had some doubts, but now we can tell you we are sure: the new firmware 1.1.3 is real. Or like Nate says: “if it is a hoax, they did a buttload of work.” The fact is that it installs normally and it works perfectly, according to all the evidence that Natetrue has brought to our attention. We believe this evidence because it’s technically sound and it has been provided by one of the most respected and veteran iPhone hackers and the author of the popular app iBrickr.

Nate says that “it installs on the phone no-questions-asked and for that you need to have Apple’s private key, which i can confirm that the iphone hacker community does not have—as much as we would love to have it.” Indeed, Apple’s private encrypted key, used to authenticate all accesses to the iPhone most-private guts, hasn’t been uncovered yet by anyone in the world.

In other words, no firmware upgrades can be installed without the knowledge of this key. Furthermore, the idea that someone would have access to this key and spend months to create a fully functional firmware update, with key new features and without any documentation whatsoever seems just absolutely silly.

Effects on unlocks and Third-party applications
According to Nate, the update breaks AnySim’s unlocks. Logically, you can’t unlock this update using AnySim and there’s no alternative to iTunes for activation. If you want to activate, it will only work using iTunes and a standard AT&T account. As he points out: “that is the only way we have been able to activate so far.” Nate tried to upgrade an AnySim 1.2u iPhone and it failed. Even while he was able to force it to boot, the phone refused to activate even with a normal AT&T SIM card. “I suspect it’s due to the fact that the baseband could not be upgraded to the 1.1.3 ‘required’ version”, he pointed out.

Nate didn’t try other updates or solutions, like iPhone Sim Free or any of the hardware-based ones, like TurboSIM. In theory, these should work just fine, but jailbreak and activation would be absolutely impossible for the time being. We would have to wait until the update gets released in the open to try new alternative activation methods.

Your favorite third-party apps will be gone too, with no possibility of return for now. The update fixes the bugs which allowed “the jailbreak method we were using for 1.1.2, locking us out again, as expected.”

Other effects
Like previous firmware upgrades, whatever is in the user partition remains unchanged. Only the Apple-owned part is affected by 1.1.3. So for those of you who claim that this is a fake because it says “Nate” in the network instead of “AT&T,” that’s the reason. Nate changed the network name in 1.1.2 using Erica’s Make It Mine program. The changed network name, like with 1.1.1 and any other previous firmware, is kept through firmware upgrades.

New features and future releases
The list of new features are confirmed too: all are correct, but he couldn’t confirm if they are the only ones or not.

Many of you would be wondering how this could have happened, knowing the extremely tight security around the iPhone firmware updates. We don’t know, but apparently the leak has occurred because “someone wanted to help the unlock effort.” The source of the leak is completely anonymous, even to Nate and the rest of the people who have had access to the upgrade.

Why the update hasn’t hit Torrent yet? According to Nate, the code could be watermarked to catch any leaks “so for now it’s screenshots and videos.” Also, distributing it won’t make much sense at this point: according to Nate the iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware update could hit as soon as next week.

Stay tuned for more updates. [Cre.ations.net – Thanks Nate for your insight and Markus for the tip]

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