AT&T hands out free hotspot access to broadband customers, ups its bandwidth

via Engadget by Joshua Topolsky on 1/24/08

AT&T, continuing to be the open, giving, and free-wheeling loony that it is, has decided to bestow cost-free access to its 10,000+ WiFi hotspots (for its broadband subscribers, that is). Effective immediately, if you’re tossing money the company’s way for any high-speed access, you can hop onto wireless networks in retail shops, restaurants, and airports free of charge… provided they’re AT&T networks. We know its a lot to handle, but get this — the telco has also upped the speeds of its U-verse service to a whopping 10 Mbps downstream / 1.5 Mbps upstream configuration, undoubtedly warming the hearts of AT&T subscribers hankering for a little more bandwidth to sustain their ever-increasing ‘net needs. It’s like the holidays all over again.

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