Have many Flickr pictures to download? Try Flickr Mass Downloader

via Download Squad by Jason Harris on 1/25/08


If you’ve ever had your hard drive fail, you’ve dealt with the ordeal of trying to recover and find all your old files, notably your images. Enter FlickrDown, a utility that allows you to download images from Flickr quickly and easily. FlickrDown is only for Windows at this time and requires .Net 2.0 to be installed.

To get started download the install file and fire up the application. Next, specify a username, email address, tags, or group to find the intended photos on Flickr. Then hit the Download button and the process begins.

Happy Downloading!

Also, on a related note, if you want to upload images to Flickr, be sure to check out the flickr uploadr.

[via ghacks]

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