Real Fireplace Illuminational Heater offers eco-friendly winter hearth

via DVICE by Adario Strange on 1/31/08


Despite all their technology advances that often make the West look primitive, Japanese winters are brutal. The homes are rarely well insulated, and the heating systems are generally limited to a stationary wall mounted heater that doubles as an air conditioner in the summer. That’s why the Real Fireplace Illuminational Heater is a godsend for the average winterbound Japanese citizen and offers us all a look at the future of virtual wood burning.

The Real Fireplace gives you the look and aesthetic of a fireplace situated on a flatscreen display while the rest of the unit blasts toasty heat in your direction. For just 25,800 yen ($242) you too can snuggle up with your special someone bathed in futurist lob cabin coziness.

Via Hammer Price


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