USB file shredder adds to the pointless peripheral madness

via DVICE by Travis Hudson on 1/31/08


Add this one into the pile of other pointless gadgets like the USB eye warmer, smokeless ashtray, heated knee pads, greenhouse and shot glass. The one shining moment of this USB paper shredder is the fact that it is A4 size, or the size of a standard sheet of paper. So, at least it is convenient in that regard.

The miniature trash bin will all but ensure that the shredder can shred up a couple sheets before needing to be dumped. The shredder is primarily powered by, no surprise, USB. It can also take batteries and includes a reverse mode, for when your ex begs for you back after you have begun shredding his or her important papers. It’s available for approximately $28 from Thanko.

USB Shredder, via fareastgizmos

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