Fluxxlab Revolution revolving door generates electricity

via DVICE by Travis Hudson on 2/8/08


The revolving door, now that is one heck of an invention! This door has been an active part of hotel and office life for decades and just now someone has though to turn it into a human hamster wheel. Fluxxlab’s Revolution Door takes the energy exerted by humans pushing a revolving door and turns it into energy that could be utilized anywhere. Although, it would be funny to see an energy-generating revolving door powering an automatic revolving door. Sustainability, what?

Fluxxlab has received a lot of backing for the project, so don’t be surprised if you will soon be generating electricity for hotels, office buildings and more. The turbine-like system can be installed into any revolving door. Regardless of how green a revolving door is, I will still despise these installations. Does anybody else feel overly uncomfortable and awkward trying to use a revolving door?


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