Shiny, futuristic Chanel Choco phone looks good enough to eat

via DVICE by Charlie White on 2/7/08


Designer Fred De Garilhe was apparently thinking more about makeup packaging and jewelry than cell phones when he designed this Chanel Choco phone concept. The slim slider collapses into a square piece of shiny glass, festooned with a latticework that suggest segments of a chocolate bar, but this one’s all lit up with fancy fiber optics. Out the side slides a quartet of function keys, and when the screen slides up, the numerals furtively peek through the reflective surface.

Isn’t this is a pretty concept? We’re wondering what old Coco Chanel would have actually thought of it, complete with its delicate chain sporting her famous initials nonchalantly suspended from one corner. No word whether the Chanel company would actually be willing to lend its name to such a beautiful bauble. The perfume maker can probably take its time mulling over that decision, because the tech necessary to build this elegant design might not be practical just yet.

Geeky Gadgets, via Tuvie

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