Minimal dual clock is overly simple, overly amazing

via DVICE by Travis Hudson on 2/28/08


We’ve seen some pretty spectacular alarm clocks around these parts, but the Minimal Dual Digital Analog Alarm Clock concept by Daniel Jarr has to take the cake. Sure, it may not tell you the weather or other goods, but it does look simply beautiful with the dual faced analog and digital displays.

The pivoting nature of the clock allows for more unique functionality as well. Pushing down on the right side of the clock sets the alarm while pushing down on the left side would act as a snooze. Pushing down on the frame of the analog clock would also provide a light. I never thought I could get this excited about an alarm clock, but this minimal design dual-function clock from Jarr has done it. Timex? Sony? Anybody out there interested in getting it off the drawing board?


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